At Foster Strategies Group, we believe that employee engagement and satisfaction is vital for businesses to truly thrive. Leveraging partnerships with experienced ESI groups, we use employee engagement surveys not just to get a read on company culture, but to help you plan next steps in transforming your people into your company’s greatest asset.

ESI: Employee satisfaction index

Thanks to ESI Trends’ extensive experience in Employee Engagement, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into the minds of your team to see what’s working, and what isn’t.

Through our partnership with ESI Trends, we offer several additional easy-to-implement Pulse Surveys for those businesses needing an immediate read on team culture and satisfaction.

Start your Pulse Survey today.

strategic Next steps

Once you have the results of your ESI survey in hand, the next stage is where change-making truly begins.

At Foster Strategies Group, we’ll help you plan every step of the way, from solving newly discovered challenges, to boosting team cohesion, to taking your overall performance to the next level.

Our supportive consulting program operates in tandem with the team at ESI Trends to maintain targets and make your people and performance strategies a reality.