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Proudly offering ‘Automotive Performance Plus’ our solution to address and overcome Churn and boost Retention for Vendors.


At Foster Services Group LLC, we’ve spent over 20 years successfully developing and implementing Strategies that Work to provide real-world solutions to challenges and disruptions in all sectors within the automotive industry.

With a firm belief in the power of deliberate and insightful performance and change management, we help your company create a culture that fits your business model, benefits your employees, and positively sculpts behaviors to unlock your full potential for performance targets and profitability. Our presentations and seminars aim to add value to your business, your teams and will benefit every single attendee immediately, from CEO to first-day-hire. We won’t waste a minute of your precious time. The clock is ticking…it’s time to get started with FSG.

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Providing change management strategies that build success, in a setting that works for you.

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Your team. Your talent. Our techniques.


Here at Foster Strategies, we believe that people are paramount. From your company culture to your year-end profit margins, it’s the people - their behaviors, their outlooks, their business tools - that make or break your business success.

With employee engagement polling, we use survey-based data to get the pulse of your company culture, adapt our change management strategies to your specific needs and employees, and provide real-world solutions to build on your business success.


Helping you put people first.  


With our Recognition Matters program, we highlight people in the industry whose contributions, creativity and hard work have made a difference not only for the business, but the people they work with.

For companies aiming to put their employees back in the spotlight, we provide coaching on employee recognition, providing step-by-step solutions and individualized plans that tailor our methods to your team.

Better business happens when we’re better together.


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