Recognition Matters: The Basics

At FGS, we believe employee recognition is vital to all areas of the automotive industry, from employee satisfaction and company loyalty to work ethic and productivity.

With our Recognition Matters program, we not only highlight those in the industry making change for the better; we coach you and your leadership team on how to apply our strategies to your team and your needs.



At FGS, we’re gearing up an initiative to shout out individuals in the industry who are making a difference, be it within their team, or in the automotive community at large. Have someone in mind? Let us know!


in real-time

Providing team-members with specific, meaningful praise goes a long way toward employee satisfaction and morale. We’re here to provide you with the tools and tips on how to recognize your team in the moment.


for recognition

With workplace satisfaction, employee retention, and overall efficiency and innovation and stake, there’s a lot to gain from making employee recognition part of your business. We’re ready to help you make it happen for your team.

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