It's Time To Make The Leap. And Maybe it's Just a Curb.

If you are thinking that it's time, you're probably right. It's time. If you are wondering whether you should share that idea, create what you have been concocting in your head and on paper, make that move ... how, where to start? Let's take a look at a few things to help get you off the Cliff of Indecision!

Your Closest Friends

If your best friend came to you with their Big Decision ... what would you say? You would tell them to go for it. Of course you would; you're their best friend. But because you're their best friend, you would listen intently, have them replay it, give you a few scenarios. It would start to make sense. And while your best friend wouldn't want you to run into harm's way, they would also probably secretly wish it was they who were telling you their secret hopes, dreams, goals. And they would push that aside and think about the 'you' they know better than anyone. And they would tell you what they wish they could tell themselves ... “What are you waiting for?! Go for it!" 

Your Bigger, Untapped Community

Whether you believe your support network is as strong as your best friend or not, you need to start dipping your toe into this vast array of connections you have 'out here.' I have personally made and maintained great connections from diverse industries and I can tell you this – you need to start sharing your ideas with them, too. Because you do have a network. But you first have to extend yourself and do a trust-fall into it. There is an incredible community of people here ready and willing to support you, quite often in ways your best friend couldn't even if they wanted to.

Am I Brave Enough To Jump Off This Cliff?

My brother is going to kill me for this, but I'm going to tell you a quick story regardless of my future with him. I'm older anyway and still have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to take all 6'4" of him down. Several years ago (was it really 15?), I was in a spot where I was just really, really stuck. I needed to make a decision and I was nearly paralyzed with fear and indecision. I nervously told him "Craig, I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff. I want to make the leap, but I am so afraid of how to do this and what could happen." (Flat ground for me is a challenge enough some days). And my brother said, "Laur, maybe it's not a cliff. Maybe when you leap, you'll find out it was just a curb." Once you get done rolling that around in your already busy head, you can thank @Craig Foster for this gem. Use it all you want – he gave it to me.

Marching – or maybe Jumping Orders!

Today, I am going to wish for you the courage you have needed to start the conversation. The clarity of your purpose. The willingness to look or sound a little silly, misguided, 'over-your-skis' (yeah, I heard that one!) and move those things that have been in your Head-that moved to your Heart and your Gut, and push them out through your unique Voice and into your Hands and Feet as you bravely step forward. So if you're still wondering if it's time or not, it is. We see it in you. Your friends, your colleagues, your partner. They see it. Take a deep breath. Gather your thoughts. Get yourself ready. Get excited. Be appropriately anxious. Make the move – Voice your thoughts – Close your eyes and take that step off the cliff and go for it.

After all, it just might be a curb. And it's time, isn't it?


Originally published by Laurie Foster on LinkedIn